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The Net Return

Rimpels van je Sim Screen verwijderen

Assembly Instructions

Please Note:

When using The Net Return “Pro Series” for Soccer, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse high grass limits the distance of the ball return. The “Pro Series” is best utilized on Field Turf, Short Grass, Driveways, Gym Floors, etc. The smoother the surface the farther the ball will return. When using outdoors, it is recommended that the base of the frame be weighted (sandbags) or staked to provide stabilization from the wind. Indoor use does not require stabilization of the base, unless desired. The Net Return “Pro Series” sport net can be used indoors or outside – in all types of weather. The one caveat when using The Net Return outdoors, extended periods exposed to direct sunlight will fade the sleeve color. It is recommended when not in use to store The Net Return in the provided duffle bag. If you are going to use The Net Return for extended periods in direct sunlight try our Trek7 UV sleeve Protection Spray. This will protect the sleeve from color fade.