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Improved Pro Series Frame

Posted by Paul Crawley on
Improved Pro Series Frame

Hey Everyone,

Just a short post to let everyone know we have made further improvements to our standard Pro Series Sport Net frames.

When purchasing a standard Pro Series Sport Net (not the Mini or XL) the aluminum frame will now come powder-coated grey. In the past our standard Pro Series frames were bent, swaged, hole punched and taped...not powder-coated.

The powder-coating provides several benefits, that include:

1. A cleaner tube (no aluminum residue on your hands after assembly).

2. A more professional and sharper look.

3. Cleaner tape along with better tape adhesion.

4. Easier assembly / disassembly when sliding the net up and down the frame.

This new frame has been sourced overseas due to the high cost of the powder-coating process here in the USA.

Units began shipping with the new standard Pro Series frame beginning June, 22, 2015.

Powder-coating will be coming to our additional products, for example: the Mini, XL, Simulator Series, Extra Point, etc. in the Fall / Winter of 2015.

I have included a couple of photos below, outlining visually the difference in our older standard Pro Series frame (which is not powder-coated) vs. the newer frame.

 I hope everyone likes the new improvements. If you have any questions regarding any facet of our sport nets, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

We truly appreciate your continued support of our products and company.

Enjoy the upcoming July, 4th Holiday Weekend!


- Paul

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